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BIO303 Current Midterm Paper 2022

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Today bio303 paper 

Short questions:

NAD and NADP abbreviation. 2 marks

Steps of enzyme catalyze reaction. 3 marks

Acyl group 3 marks

Feed batch culture 2 marks

Difference bw DNA and RNA. 5 marks

Preparatory phase of glycolysis. 5marks

1. difference between Nucleotide and nucleoside?

2. charguff rules?

3. phenomena of Restriction modification system?

4.Type III of R-M system?

5.which type of resistance in p1258 plasmid of streptococcus?

Bio 303 

- fermentation in agriculture (2)

- Number of neucoltude in tRNA (2)


-Standard reduction potential (3)

- tRNA Promary strutures (3)

- Fermenter and Components (5)

- summary effects of glycogen on L-AMP CASECADE in liver (5)

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My paper bio303

10 jan timing 5:30



Conditions when RNA acquires double strand

Name of nutrients whose deficiency cause Wier wla sydrome tha

R  long steps of phosphenolpurate formed from pyruvate 

Preparatory phase


💞💫timing 12:00pm💞

💫All MCQs are soo easy from pptz😋

💫short questions


💫 Glycolysis mn 3 chemical ki transformation hoti hai names likhny thy

💫function of transketolase 

💫long question

Dna denaturation  lab mn DNA denaturation k causes

💫 fermentation and its two types

💫💞overall paper was sooo easy😋💞💫

Good luCk tO oTheRs👍

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Bio303 ...

Genetic modification-2 marks

Types of bio-weapons-2

What is personal health information-3 marks

Why is personal health information should be confidential. Explain in 5 points- 5 marks

What is ethical issue if therapeutic cloning-5

My Todays Paper of  Bio303

.1 Write about oxidation-reduction reaction.

2. Types of Rna.

3. What is tm of DNA?

4.sublimation Fregmentation.

5. Types of enzymes.


Ligand ...ko explain krna 5 marks ka tha

Hydrolases  2 marks ka

Acyl group...?or ya drive kasy hota 3 marks ka 

Difference between oxydation and reductions reactions.

Oxalic acid ko q remove kia jata h glycogenolysis ka process ma...? 

Konsa 2 same enzymes use hoty hn glycogenolysis ka process ma .

Photo and non-photosynthesis ma konsy enzymes use hoty hn 3. Marks


Mcqs was tough 2 from files

Ligase and lyase

RNA types

Mamalian ... Pta ni kia yad ni qs

Lipids k 2 names thy exact koi ni yad


*Difference between DNA and RNA  (5)

*EXTRACTION of glucose by yeast(5)

*Importance of biphosphate? (3)

*Staining process importance in fermentation (2)

*2 poliscrides ka name write krhy thy.

Tertiary structure of RNa


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