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BT102 Current Midterm Paper 2022

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BT 102 paper 

📝metachromatic granules characteristics, 

📝microbial identification methods 

📝pasture work regards to spontaneous generation theory,

📝horizontal vertical gene transfer,

📝three methods of bacterial transmission,📝sepsis antisepsis sanitization definitions

📝Names three chemicals that disrupt cell membrane.


What is chemotaxis and phototaxis?

What is agar and its characteristics?

What is fimbreae and its function?

how agar is prapared and its compostion?

Five kingdom classification?

Benefits of antimicrobial chemical?

Mcqs from past papers...

BT102 12:00pm

Sporulation 2

Methods to count microbes 2

How bacteria take sulphur 3

Prokaryote and eukaryotes difference 3

Layers of endospore 5

Name of five bacteria that need oxygen requirement 5 

Mcqs were handouts and some conceptual

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Bt102 Midterm

What is the function of LPS?

Different between of chemical and culture media?

What is pili? Give function of pili?

What is kills high pressure.and description of osmatic pressure?

Write the factory of influence of bacteria of death rate?


1. Name three chemicals used for the preservation of food(2) marks.                 

2. What is stain (2) marks.                                     

3. Name three substance used for maintaining the pH of culture medium.(3)marks.                                4. differentiate between oxygenic and non-oxygenic photoautotroph. (3)marks.                               5. Define.     Gene, chromosome, genome, phenotype (5)marks.            

6. Write functions of cell membrane (5)marks.             

MCQs More than half from past files

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Bt102 Current papers 

Five kingdoms kae names

Define gene phenotype and chromosomes

Complex and define media ,phsical method of bacteria ,resulation ,define membrane bound organalles,enlist the properties of anti bacterial chemical ,or ak diagram thi electron microscop k jis ko dekh k un k nam btany ty

Define plasmolysi osmotic pressure and osmotic lysis

Why catalase test is used

Advantage of the solid medium

Mcqs tqribn 5 t jo bht ezi ty Baki sb handsouut mn sy

Uski jitni grand quiz wli file hn sb achy sy ki to us mn sy kch b nh ay…

Bt102 12pm 

Five Kingdoms

Taxonomic hierarchy

Four memberane bounded organelles 

Function of lysozyme

Bt102 today paper 4 o clock 

All mcqs  question from ppts and past paper 

1) what is industrial microbiology  (2) marks.

2) who discover small pox in which year (3 marks ) 

3) d/f between vertical horizontal transfer of gene and mane three bacteria gene transfer 3) marks 

4 ) five kingdom classification 5 marks 

5) define gene .chromosome .phenotype .

Genome (5) 

6) briefly explain transformation conjugation and transduction 3 marks


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