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BT301 Current Midterm Paper 2022

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1=Genetics and genomic

2=natural plasmid

3= with which factors we get better yield of plasmid DNA

4=oligomer, multimere, promoter

5= what is biotechnology and its type only name

6=role of electroporation technique



1.types of RNA found in living cells

2.phosphate  group is attached at carbon number

3.nomenclature system destruction mode is

4.Human Genome is about

5.yeast genome sequence is


1.difference between human and chimpanzee

2.function of DNA ligase enzymes

role of plasmids in microbial

3.structure of mRNA

4.contribution of Franklin and Wilkins

5. difference between PB r32 and pbr 325

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1. What is stringency control

2. What is traditional biotechnology

3. Difference between pbr322 and pbr325 vector

4. Fragments of psc101 and p1258

5 write Fredrick Griffith experiment about genetic material

Bt 301 

Two functions of nucleic acid 2marks

Autoradiography 2 marks

Write note on the viruses of RNA genome 3 marks

Side effects of ethidium bromide on the skin 3 marks

Restriction Modification phenomen 5 marks

Primary, secondary, tertiary amd quanterary structure of proteins 5 marks

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Primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary structure of protein.

Electroporation technique.


Palindromic sequence.



What is the difference b/w genetics and genomics?

What is the main function of DNA ligase?

What is the ancient method of performing pregnancy test for women?

Discuss some general considerations for nomenclature of restrictive enzymes.

What was the Frederick Griffith's experiment?

Discuss the Restriction modification system.


Difference between chimpanzee and human genes.

Gaucher disease


MCQs  from ppts 

Q1; two functions of nucleic acid (2 marks)

Q2; chargaff rule (5marks)

Q3; difference between pBr325 and pBR322 (5marks)

Q4: difference between LINEs and SINEs (3 marks)

Q5: Palindromic sequence (3 marks)


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