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BT404 Current Midterm Paper 2022

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today's paper

how infra-red drying process is done?

Explain agar plating?

what is the highest and lowest growth temperature of microbes?

Pasteurization inhibits the growth of which microbes, mention atleast three names? 

What is ideal solvent for fat extraction? 


My paper McQ conceptual and from handouts

What is normal range of protein and fats in meat.  

Incidents used in cheese making. 

What are tha heat control process of microbes.cearls are used many purpose 

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Horizontal transfer in bacteria? 

There are three ways for bacteria to transfer their DNA horizontally 

• Conjugation 

The transfer of DNA directly from one cell to another through cell-cell contact often involving 


• Transformation 

Bacteria are capable of taking up DNA directly from their environment and incorporating it into their 

genomes known as natural transformation 

• Transduction 

Transduction is the transfer of DNA from one cell to another by a virus

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Name of bacteria in youghar

Type of corn

Affect of heat on color 

Mcqs easy thy


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