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CS201 Current Midterm Papers 2022

Are you looking for CS201 Current Midterm Paper 2022? If yes, then you visit the right site. Here are CS201 Current Papers 2022. CS201 Midterm Past Papers 2022.


Students must prepare these cs201 midterm current papers in 2022. Also, it can give cs201 midterm preparation 2022 essential topics, questions an overview of the paper.


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Cs201 Current Paper

MCQs kuch past papers sy thy

short question

why program is evaluated? two techniques of evaluation?

write three type of system software

and how system software control all the .....

2 progrms thy

aik weight in kg convert it in pounds kuch

is trha ka

aur aik array wala tha

CS 201 Paper 2

Paper Bohat Easy Tha .......Asaaan C Coding Thii .......Errors Puchay Thy Aur kuch ki Output Show Karna thi

Handsout main jo programs diye hai examples unko b daikh lena aik 5 number ka program aya tha un main sey

Mcqs mostly past papers sey aye thy.

But agar handout parhi ho kisi ney to sabhi handout main sey thy mcqs.

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Today my paper CS201 

Questions No1: output using for loop 2 marks




Ya mcqs ta: ayesha vala

Str "Ayesha" str [2];

Write a program using string

Str chat "Pakistan";

Question No3:

5 Mark Ka program ta error find krni ti

5 marks Ka ak or questions ta os ma net price find krni ti formula Diya hova ta

Baki quiz easy Tay past sy bi Tora Tora Aya hova ta but questions new hi tay

Today cs201 paper 

18 Mcqs easy 

(And 2 long question 5 marks ka

Un ma sa AK descending order Wala tha while loop include thi


And second question 

Weight ko kilogram ma change krna tha pr kilogram ko pounds ma change krna tha 

Using function surf ak parameter ka sat 

Pr again pounds ko weight ma convert krna tha 

Parameter name 

Weight in pounds=(weight in kilogram)*2.2

Formula tha)

Maybe 2 short question 3 marks ka 

First question two parameter ko declare krna tha using function 


And second ak statement thi)


Exclusive or k bary main apko kia pta ha nd aagy table tha 

bit 1    bit 2   bit1^bit2

 0          1           ?

Nd so on

2) array [10] is k odd numbers main value save krni thi 1,35,7,9

3) file.txt ko open krwana tha

Cs201 paper

Past files sy mje kch McQ aay thay 

Ak program sb ko arha if else ka  2 student hy us ma sy ak k mrks agr zyda to dosry ki output show krway k ali k nmbr zyda umer sy or agr ali umer k equal to output show krwao ali umer k equal hy or agr ali k km to umer k zyda show krwao 

Or bich m sy mcq basic thay mtlb basic cheezy pochi hoi thi ki output program ki show krwani ho to kn sa sign use hota

Or array wla leacture bht important

CS201 Current Paper 

Paper was very easy and general. 

Mcqs easy thy or basic thy programming ya output errors waly mcqs nahi thy 

Short questions 3 marks Mai error find karny thy 

Or long question 5 marks 

1. Errors wala program tha  

2. 2nd program likhna hai jis Mai user say values Leni thi or book ki net income find Karni thi easy tha wo b


Mcqs kuch lec 19 sy thy

2 short tha 3 number ka

1) ek ma program likhna tha for loop ke sa

Output hota 



Or ek program given tha pointer ka us ka output dena tha


3 long tha 5 marks ka

1 program ka output batana tha

2 program likhna tha 

Ek program tha sum odd or even number print ker wana han 

Or ek 



C ke value the 

Or calculate ker ka d ke value batani thi program bana na tha


Total 23 q thy

18 mcqs thy jo almost past papers m sy aiey thy moaaz and waqar ky

Define translator and also write the name of 2.

1 program tha welcome to the world output daini thi aur file name cs201. Txt

Aur 1 program tha jis ki output btana thi

Aur 2 long program thy

1st  pehly 10 odd integers ka product print krwana tha

2nd 2-dimensional array ko use kr k matrix bnana tha jis ki 2 rows aur 3 columns thy

Today cs201 paper...

Mcqs mostly past papers say

1. system software types

2...aik chota sa prgram dya us man name ki bytes btani thi...

3...program bnana thaa inkaa square lenaa thaa wo prgram bnana thaa.

4...zakat 2.5% di hoi thi iskaa program bnana thaa.

5...or aik program only if and else wala prgram thaa

CS201 paper today

Almost MCQs are from past papers.

Subjective me 2 coding wale aaye or baaqi definition thi variables ki or if else ko switch mei convert karna tha

Today cs201 Paper 

1.Write the out of 0, 1(2)

2.Describe the why the following programs 

3.Findout the input for given program 

#include <iostream>

Using namespace std;

Int main 

Int 2;

Cout <<"Ali"<<endli;

Cout <<"ahmad"<<endli;

Cout <<"usman"<<endli;


  Return 0;










Mine CS201 Paper.

MCQ's ( Multiple Choice Questions)

 1.  <. <=.> .>= are called ____ operators.

Relational (Answer)

2.  The ___  is an unconditional branch of execution.

Goto statement (Answer)

3.  What will be the correct syntax to declare two-dimensional array of float data type?

float arr[2][2] ;  (Answer)

4.  The size of int data type is ___?

4 bytes (Answer)

5.  Structure is a collection of ____?

Data elements (Answer)

6.   What is equivalent of X++?

X= X+1 (Answer)

7.   Which of the following is not a loop?

Goto (Answer)

8.   Both compiler and _____ are used to translate programming into machine language. 

Interpreter (Answer)

9.    What is used at the end of string?

 Null character 


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