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CS304 Current Midterm Papers 2022

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Students must prepare these cs304 midterm current papers in 2022. Also, it can give cs304 midterm preparation 2022 essential topics, questions an overview of the paper.

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17 MCQs thy 

3 questions (3 marks)

Q1) Code correct karna tha

Q2) Reason tha

3 questions (5 marks)

Q1) Code diya hua tha ussy correct karna tha

Q2) Again code diya hua tha correct likhna tha

Q3) Country,city ,Pakistan, karachi, USA, China, New York , inki inheritance mai diagram banai thi


Mcqs past mi se thy half nd half book mi se

question 3 marks

1Nf Mi table tha us ko 2nd NF mi convert krna tha

2 Question 3 marks 

Write  krna thi

DBA ki duties.

Q marks 5 

consaptual sechma ko brifly duscribe krna tha 

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Midterm Cs304 

Mcqs 18 From Handouts and past papers (A few)


Totally new paper, not from past papers 

Info was given, differentiation was asked b/w classes in terms of base and derived class. (3 marks) 

Write a program X and Y were given. Asked to apply friend function (3 marks) 

Program was given and error were supposed to be found (5 marks) 

Program was given, there was an error of self-assignment, Asked to find it and explain the solution for it. (5 marks)

What is better stuct aur class to be best barrier for change propagation and explain how? (5 marks)

CS304 Mid Exam Subjective Question Part

Q: Write C++ code for overloaded Equality(==) and Inequality(!=) operators in the context of Distance class.

Q: You are required to carefully analyze the following piece of C++ code and identify the statement(s) having an error. Also, provide the reason(s) of the error(s).


using namespace std;

Q: In an organization, a regular employee is a kind of employee. The organization keeps employees’ Names and IDs for its employees.  The regular employees will be given monthly salaries according to their designations.

Design the class hierarchy for the organization’s employees such that the salaries of regular employees can be calculated accordingly.

Paper Cs304.

 7,8 objectives from past ND remaining from handouts


3 Q five mark's, 2 Q three mark's 


All the programs

out put likhni thi.....or error find krna tha programs ma sa

CS304 ka paper 

Total 23 ques. aaye thay jin main 2 Q 5 marks k thay 2 Q 3 marks k baqi MCQs thay. MCQs lecture 1 to 15 se thay.

2 marks wale Q1 main code tha C++ us main errors find krne thay aur program ka complete correct code likhna tha.

Q2 main File name ki class create krni thi aur us k 3 functions Print, View and Get_size declare krne thay. No implementation code required.

5 marks 

Q1 main class banani thi jis main 2 constructors create krne thay 1st non perameterized 2nd 1 perameterized aur assignment operator declare krna tha then implementation function bhi create krna tha jis main class k constructors call krne thay.

5 marks ke 2nd Q main aik scenario dia tha Hajj app ka. Us main objects find krni thin aur kisi 3 objects ka Object Oriented Model banana tha.


18 Mcqs conceptual and comes from handouts

Short me person or 1.behaviour diye hoe thy normal form me represent krna tha

2.constructor code dia hoa tha output Batana tha

Long m 

1.Polymorhpism with example 

2.consider the following diagram thi 

Jis me aik side pr car or aik side pr driver tha 

Us m Batana tha k kmsa relationship hai In between 

Or in k implementation C++ me  batani Thi

3.Error find krna tha 

Total 5 questions thy bs

Cs 304 

School ke andar students and un ke pass copy pencil books Hain wo ground me khelty Hain 

In me se objects likhne the 

In objects ke darmiyan link btana tha 

Aur model draw Karna tha (5)

2)aik program jis me 3 function the public me aur definition ghalat thi us ko sahih karna tha aur error btane the (5)

3)aur output me two float numbers third object me assign hokar minus karwane the us ka code likhna tha (5)

4)pointers ki types (2)

5) post increment me Kya Kiya jata hai ke compiler pehchana leta hai Yani (int veriable) declare kar ke ye 2 reason btani thi 

Aur shayad explicit likha kar (2) 

Baqi mcqs the 

Sab book wale the files me se NAHI. Ay

Cs 304 today paper

Mcqs conceptual

The no. Of mcqs is 18

2 short question 

 static and non static data member

One is about generalization

3 long question

One program about classes

Output of one program

And one is about behavior and attribute

MCQS conceptual and repeat kuch thy taqreeban 

Moaaz waly specially


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