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CS506 Current Midterm Papers 2022

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Students must prepare these cs506 midterm current papers in 2022. Also, it can give cs506 midterm preparation 2022 essential topics, questions an overview of the paper.


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paper of cs506

Some MCQs from the past file.

Difference between source socket and socket 5 marks

Code of inheritance and constructors 3, 5 2Questions

Draw rectangle with blue color (code) 3 marks

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CS506 Midterm Paper

1. Write a simple program to draw a circle and triangle on random location. (5 marks) 

2. Write a simple java program to write following line in file. (i) web design and development (ii) CS506. (5 marks)

3. Write a program in java which will get input number in message box and return triple of that number through message box. (5 marks)

4. We want to send object from one system to another than how this mechanism works for us? (3 marks)

5. What is prepare statement and how it works??(3 marks)

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Mcqs Grand quiz sy aye thy or book sy 

Waqar ki file sy bi ek 2 aye baqi zada grand quiz sy aya  

Q 3) marks page 114 mouse listener event handling dragging 

Code missing tha coordinates ka wo lkhna tha 

Q 3 marks) Java libraries or java core language ka ek table tha

Q 5) override a paint components() methods to draw empty equilateral trialngle and an orange circle over it code lkha tha 

Q 5) upcasting or downcasting ki coding krni thi whi jo book mn examples primitive type or classes ki 

Q 5) courseinfo ki class thi us mn file name given tha file writer or jo code write krna tha wo bi given tha or close krna tha or exxeptions handle krni thi


2 questions theoretical 

Node stream and filter stream

Port numbers of ftp,http, telnet

Phir do questions error find krky ky reasons btani thein

Last coding ka tha

CS506 Current paper 

Past sy 5 MCQs ay thy Waqar wali File sy baqi conceptual.

or baki thy to easy but conceptual thy means k book mn wo chzy common han lakin un ko thora sa ghoma phira kr dia tha.

Short Questions 

ak table tha or ak code likha hoa tha k agr code run ho or us mn student id di jay to output mn table mn sy kon sa column show hoga.


ak question tha k ak program likhy jo user sy input ly through GUI Box. or us ko MSG Box mn hi Show krway.

Questions mn sy Past sy ni aia.

or Almost sary question coding related thy 

Cs506 ka paper 

Getter setter ka aik program tha

Aik mouse handling event ka tha 

Listener ki 2 types likhni thi

Aik array list ka program tha

Or aik program tha jis mai 30 different lines bnani thi diff color or location mai


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