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MGT501 Current Midterm Papers 2022

Are you looking for MGT501 Current Midterm Papers 2022? If yes, then you visit the right site. Here are MGT501 Current Papers 2022. MGT501 Midterm Past Papers 2022.


Students must prepare these mgt501 midterm current papers in 2022. Also, it can give mgt501 midterm preparation 2022 essential topics, questions an overview of the paper.


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28 objective others were subject not too easy nor difficult almost 40 percent mcqs from past 

Long question

Difference between small and large firm

Hiring process

Today mgt501 paper detail

Human resource planning process steps 5 marks

Managerial role 3 marks

Individual behavior influenced by personal and environmental factors 5 marks

And 28 objectives some were easy but several were conceptual

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Common interview mistakes. 3 marks

Conceptual skills for top management. 3 marks

Brief note Mechanistic era (1940) to catalyst era (2000 onward) 5 Mark

Hiring forecast for sales point of view identify and explain . 5 marks

MCQ was easy and all from HO, I didn't go through any past papers, so can't say it was from past or not but handouts.

Good luck

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Q1: PAQ define briefly

Q2: personal and human resources manager differentiate between them

Q3: relationship between group cohesiveness and group productivity

Q4: why organization prefer employee leasing?

Mgt 501 MIDS Paper.



Total 28 MCQs.

Mostly from lectures 18 to 22


🔹 Short Questions:

Marks: 3 each.

 Q1.  Explain Briefly the term Virtual Organization with example.

 Q2.  What is the importance of Human Resource Planning Process?


🔹 Long Questions:

Marks: 5 each.

 Q1. What is the difference between Position Analysis Questionnaires PAQ and Department Of Labour DOL.?

 Q2 Write down the Personal and Environmental Factors that Influence on an individual?


That's all the.

Today mgt 501 paper

Objective 29 marks

Ak organization goals KY bary m tha 

Ak glass ceiling ky Bry m


Aur ak components of organization ky Bry m tha. Statement dyi hoye batana tha Kon sa component h


3 marks ky 2 questions

Ak tha stakeholders 

5 num KY 2 questions

HR manager KY bary m btna tha


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