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ZOO403 Current Midterm Paper 2022

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ZOO403 Animal Behavior Paper

Subjective Section: Short & Long Questions

1. Objectives of Ethology

2. Examples of Morphological Responses

3. Names of Organisms in which Researchers examined Cognition

4. Difference between Morphological Responses and Behavioral Responses

5. Significance of Habituation

6. Definition of Cognition

Objective Part: MCQS Topics

_Biological Clocks

_ Ethology


_Nest Making

_Ultimate causes

_Neuron components

_Behavioral Endocrinology

_Neuronal plasticity

_Male harmone

_ Taxis

_Cocoon building insects

_Stickleback Fish


_Associative learning

_Symbolic language of Honey bee

_Insight learning

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*Difference between innate and acquired behavior.

*Web-making process in detail 

*Classes of neurons

 *Characteristic of Fixed position pattern 

* Describe the stages to capture the prey of toad.


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