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CS504 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Students must prepare these cs504 finalterm current papers 2022. Also, it can give cs504 final term preparation 2022 important topics, questions, and an overview of the paper with downloads pdf files below.


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McQ half past papers or half handouts se


1...What is test phase. When are two test are equivalent?

2...What are pre inspection. list any three

3...2 line ka code tha us ka avoid section btana tha

4...Aik student ne app devleop ki hai us k transformation output k liy Kon sa architecture use ho ga ..and also your opinion what architecture will b use?


1...Feasible path btana tha code ka

2...GoF(Gang of Four) Wala long tha


Some mcqs from past papers

Which of the is/are not umbrella activities

AND and OR ___ operator

Mai rational kia hai

Q k rational aur logical same hoty han ap check kr lyna

Perry andWolfe proposed the following formula for software architecture:

Software architecture = {Elements, Forms, Rationale}

Secondary private classes can be declared as inner classes and reside in the 

 file of the class they belong to

Names representing methods and functions should be verbs and written in mixed case starting with lower case.

the idea behind zero install architecture is to develop a system where no installation on the client side is needed

STL stands for standard template library

Singleton Pattern ensures that a class only has one instance and provides a global point of access to it


Mcqs mostly moaaz ki file Sy 

1:Self documentation

2:Bug k about Kuch tha

3:Cyclomatic complexity 

4:Flow graph k about ak question tha

5:Software testing tha ak

Or ak 5 num ka tha jis mn 2 statements thi correct or incorrect btana tha

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My paper cs504

Mcqs some moaaz papers  

3 3 no k 4 sawal thy 

1. Pagrm tha 5 number ka jis main just batna tha && circuting ka use 1 sawal tha verification and validation main difference 5 number ka Jo k msqs main bhi Likha aya hova tha so esay 

3 no waly 4 sawal yh thy


2. software development ke 3 marhl k name

3. Self Documents code kya hy and 4 black box testing

My CS504 paper 

Subjective were:

Give some information about software bugs

Break complex equation which is in handout 2*k < (n-m) wali

If tester found bug and give you prepared sheet how will u fix those bugs what will be ur steps?

Aik code ka flow graph banana tha aor infeasible path dena tha:

If (x==y) //1

C=c+1 //2

If (!x==y) //3

C=c-1 //4

C=c*2 //5

Self-documenting code kia hota hai? 

McQs waqar sidhu or moaaz se aye

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paper of C's 504

Mcqs  easy thy ..past files sa b thy kuch ..


1)... White box testing

2)... Why we use Short cut circuiting in program

3)...  Analysis & Design . pattern

4)..bugs k related


5)...Any fool can write code that computers can understand, 

good programmers write code that humans can understand...

Iss ko explain krna tha..

6)...for (i = 0; i < N; i++) { //1

if (condition1)

// do something here //2


// do something here //3

// something here //4..

  Condition given the *Path* ..batany thy and solve krna tha

Solution Page 203 per h


Mcqs some from past paper moaaz and waqar 


Split lines.

Types of bugs

Cyclptic complex.

Tsting techniques

c504 paper

Layer of 3tier architecture

Unit testing 

Data inspection 

Rewrite program 2k* (n-m) wala

Ak program tha jiky variable name change krny thy


get set 

Is prefix 

Explain krna tha


Ya btatna tha k kon c partition hai 

Software inspection k advantage disadvantage likhna tha 

Compulate cyclomate complexity k 2 question thy ak 5 marks ka or ak 2 marks ka

Avoid the side effect kuch isi tarha ak question tha

Mcqs kuch  waqar or moaaz  ki file sy thy baqi handouts

MCQs CS504 

1) STL Stands For

2) "is" prefix should be used for 

3) Secondary private classes can be declared as 

4) Software Bugs have multiple names Which one of the below is not the name of software bugs.

5) Many Compilers limit the maximum number of bits in the bit field to the size of a 

6) ___ is the only reference for defining protocols and design and implementing systems developed by different


7) The number ___ is the most abused symbol is programs written in C or C++

remaining MCQs are easy if you studied the topic well.


What will be the impact on software construction if we don’t 

apply the umbrella activity? 

White box testing coverage name

Definition thi vertical or horizontal partitioning ki btana tha kiski def hai 

80/20 rule kia hota 

Long me flow graph bnana or uski complexity btani thi 

Ik statement hai a fool can write code that computer can understand wali usko explain krna Tha...


Black box

white box

5 perposal of krutans law.

Mcqs from mostly handouts and all if you proper well

stock exchange ka Ik paragraf tha us ko read kr k batana tha kon sa design apply ho ga aur reason kia hai.

3 tier Layer.

Cs504 paper today 

Mcqs past sy thy 85% moaaz

0r baki subjective me

Three quantitative benefits of unit testing 

0r baki koi theory nahe the naming conventions din then unky code likhne thy..totally code btane sey har question mae..

Today Paper cs504 

Mcqs mostly conceptual

Is it possible that developed software is verified but it cannot be validated? Justify with valid reason 5 marks

Following code contains common programing mistakes made due to side effects you are required to identify the mistakes which may mislede the reader …..


A=b , c=0;   5 marks

During the testing phase of software when are two tests are considered to be equivalent.  3 marks

Why special character like TAB and page must be avoided in multiplatform equivalent? explain    3 marks

Techno solution is a company which provide hardware &  software related support to its client .due  to enormous trafic load, they are interested in re-deploying their architecture. Then want to utilize their clients as well there are two cases deployment case A & case B.

Load is normal client and server are performing traditional duties.

Load is very high & clients are performing some of the processing locally.    3 marks

What is selection sort function? explain with example code. 3 marks

Below is the code of the program which calculate the area of a circle given its radius ,but code is still difficult to understand due to its identifiers names. Rewrite the code by changing the identifier names such that becomes easy to understand 



Int r=3; 




}      3 marks

Show the graph the relative cost of fixing problem at the various stages of software development.  5 marks


80%  MCQ is from Moaaz Files.

1)   5 Marks Long question: 

For the following programming terms you are required to write uses with atleast one example

1) Get / Set 

2) Is Prefix

2) 5 Marks   List down three data faults which must be specified while preparing inspection.

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