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CS507 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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paper of cs507  

1.  Physical and logical threat

2. How to separate entity in entity set of ERD

3.  Risk management phases

4. Steps for management control trial

5. Encryption and decryption

Mcqs almost all from handouts

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___________ are the operations related to the object / class.

1. Write names of five types of active attacks.

2. In system analysis and design, which tools are used in structured analysis and design approach? Just name those tools.

3. Mention the standard that is used to maintain the structure of electronic document.

4. Identify the type of virus for each of the following statement.

a) A malicious program that is disguised as or embedded within legitimate software

b) A program that overwrites every program/software/file it infects with itself.

5. Identify which of the following information is used as input and output for Vulnerability Assessment.

a- A list of potential vulnerabilities

b- Any audit comments


Mcqs ziada tar end waly chapters mai sy thy like 3p sy onwards mostly ..

Or equally hr chapter mai s koi na koi mcqs aye thy esa nahi tha k kesi mai sy ziada aye hen nd kesi mai sy km


1Three sailent features of objective oriented program 

2 flow chart bnana tha admission process ka scenerio based .

3 describe phases of change management 

4 integrated information system k features nd diagrams ..

5 ek question tha scenerio based k database system mai unncessory modification hoi hai so how can we identify write process

Cs-507 paper 11 Am 

3 short Question 3 Marks

Q1: IDS with four components

Q2: Diagram Relationship & Entity. 

Q3: impact Wala Question like (Moderate, High)

2 Long Questions 5 Marks

Q1: Identify & write components of IDS.

Q2: Write at least 5 Best Passwords.

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today cs507

1Types of assets.

Symbol of 2 terminator, process decision

3encyption decryption.

4 fire philosophy

5Types of threat

6 risk determination phase and it input.



Types of threat.... difference between types of threat... technical or non technical system me difference...risk management k two steps...how organization work on e_commerce model... objective...

mostly yhi tha jo objective pocha gya tha wahi subjective tha dono mostly same thy



Method of integration (3)

 Double ellipse and dashed ellipse k function thy(3)

 Critical sucess ka factor  that(3)

 Or 5 marks me ak ye tha k 

What is main targets of computer for viruses


  Passive attack and it's types

CS507 exam 


*1. Identify the attack*

*2. Draw the symbol of equality and inequality*

*3. Identify the Intrusion*

*4. Two Characteristics of M-Commerce? *

*5. Identify the type of audit record?*


1.flow chart main sa tha  3

2.E-Learning  3

3. Types of Threats 3

4. Why people affaird to change of new things?  5

5. Assets of information sa tha identify the two Assets which is in the questions. 5

CS 507

1- Applications/systems used before ERP.

2- Flow chart symbols k name btane thay, ye 2 questions aye 8 marks k. Lucky me

3. Why organizations invest huge capital in security policy.

4. Passive attack ki type recognize krna thi.

5. Biometrics ki types.

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