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MTH643 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Mth 643(MATLAB) paper 

Total 3 questions (Each of 5 marks).

First question was to write ode 45 while equation and related conditions were given and demanding just code not output.

Second two matrices were given and they are to rewrite in Matlab and then A inverse and A*B to find???

Find Differential equations solution  thaa(y'=y+t).... y(1)=-2...just following equation and condition was given.


Question no (1)

Use of ode45



Initial condition x0=0;

Question No 2;

2(I) Create Matix in MatLab.A and B given

2(ii)...add Matix A and B in Matlab

2(III)... multiply Matix A and B.

Question no 3;

Write a program in Matlab smition (x/n)^k

And run the program given the value x, as 4 and n as 12 

Ye function create krna tha or command widow m X or N Value ko likh KR output nukalnii thii

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5 question ae thy 10 10 marks k Do questions matrix k about thy unka summation r diagonal find krna tha Inverse find krna Ode45 Simpson 1 /3 Eigen Polynomials

Q1. Ode45 wala ak question tha 

Q2. Reduce echlan form wala tha ak question 

Q3.Sum or product find krna tha 

Q4. Is my linear equation thi jis ka inverse ,sum of rows find krna tha 

Q5. leggender equation

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1. Using ode45 command to plot and solve the equation      

2) two matrix add nd multiply.                

3)use for loop nd print the 30 positive odd number negative number does'n print


Q1    3 equation thhi jin ko argument main laakhna thha

Q2 2 number input karwany thhay our phir en ko add our multiple  karwana thha

Q3 aik equation thhi jasy intervel (-2,2) per spain karwana thha aor graph bhhi dra karwana thha.


Q1:Approximate solution of Initial Value Problem.ode45 command

Q2:Matrix & reduced echelon form.

Q3: Inverse,sum of row,coloumn,and multiplication of matrix

Q4: Trapezoidal Rule

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