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SOC401 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Mcqs were 16 and from handouts 

Science as ideology 3

New role of anthropologists in 

society 3

Safeguarding against cultural biases

How nation states established 3

Impact of globalization on environment 5

In Pakistan ethnic group hinder or helps in social equality explain 5

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*My Paper soc401* 

Globalization impact.?

Belief sys lowers anxiety explain.?

In Pakistan different ethnics groups. Justify they have equally social.?

Define hegemony?

Define inner directed personalities. ?


Notae on tribal organization. 

Which type of art do you like? And why give some points. 

Why local knowledge is important?

What is art and psychological benefits of arts.

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Nation states 3 

Establishment of Nation states 5 

Proficient ethics are discussed as issue 

Difference between local and scientific knowledge 3

Development in present world,5


Mcqs were easy but some were conceptual 


Q- local knowledge definition 

Q- globalization 3 negative impacts 

Q- globalization 5 position impacts

Q- communism definition 

Q- which art u prefer & why? Example from daily life

Q- psychological benefits of art

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