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BIO101 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Students must prepare these bio101 final term preparation 2022 important topics, questions, and an overview of the paper with pdf files below.


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Explain Primer with example.5 marks.

Steps in transgenic plants.5 marks.

Use of Genetic engineering in agriculture.3 marks

Differentiate Homozygous and heterozygous. 3 marks

What is Genomic library? 3 marks.

What are Polygenic traits? 3 marks


Short note on Sub phylum vertebrae 2 Marks

Characteristics of chordates 2

enlist bones disorder treatment3

Lable diagram female flowers 5 

explain promotors and translation 5

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Questions are:

1. gymnosperms.

2. Differentiate between Dominant and recessive 

3. Transgenic model animal.

4.mendal law assortment

5.vascular plant  

And in long question.

(Application of PCR)

Bio101 today my paper

MCQs from handouts and some are based on knowledge. 


1) what is stomata and its function. 

2) Gel electrophoreious principle 

3) life cycle of drug action 

4) transformed plants about question

5) sexual and asexual definition and sexual reproduction importance

6) electron microscope k about tha 

Some Mcqz k liye bio101 k quiz 2 ki file kry

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1: plasmid half-life or drug half life

2: Scanning electron microscope 

3: recombinant DNA steps

4: application of PCR

5: monoot and dicot

6: bacteria artificial chromosome

BIO101 Today paper 


1.What is Depot binding? (2)

2. What is Aquaculture? (2) 

3. What is cuticle? And its functions. (3)

4. Differentiate between dominant alleles and recessive alleles. (3)

5. Explain the main functioning of stem. (5)

6. Explain western blotting. (5)

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