Cell Biology (BIO201) Current Final Term Paper 2022

BIO201 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Bio201 Paper

MCQ's From Ppt


What is the Function of signaling system.


What is the structure of Antibody?


What is Telophase.?


Difference between confluent monolayers and past confluent stages.


What are the Advantages of cell storing at low temperature.?


Synapse wala.



Function of incubator 

Adaptive immune system 

Negative control of transcription 

Role of EGF153 protein

Define epienergetic 2 marks

D/B homologous diffusion and heterozygous 3marks

Laminar flow cabbie 5marks

Three steps of RNA processing 3marks

What is signal processing and its function 2marks

How caM kinase activity helps in muscular movement 5marks

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MCQs from ppts...

1. Adult stem cell. Benefits and therapeutics uses.

2. Phagocytes

3. Signaling in olfaction

4.  If a DNA proves which antigen are initiate......

bio201 paper

Mcq's all from ppts

1.difference between euchromatin nd heterochromatin?

2.when damage to DNA is irreparable which gene initiate the process?

3.what are the advantages of storing cell at low temperature?

4.how DNA is packaged in cell?

5.  How UV light helps in sterilization process?

6. Cytotoxic T cells and helper T cells difference?

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Bio201 Exam

1 Epigenetics

2 Proto oncogenes

3 Endocytosis

4How DNA packed in cell

5Laminar flow cabinet


Q1    define housekeeping genes

Q2    define onco gene 

Q3    differentiate between mhc 1 and mhc II

Q4 E coli signalling

Q5    define stem cell and what are benefits and uses of stem cell

Bio201 Paper 

Adult stem and their benefits

Intracellular receptors

Difference between heterochromatin and homchromatin

N terminal ER

Euchromatin vs heterochromatin

Function of ER

MHC and its function 

Autonomous growth factors for cancer cell

How DNA package inside cell



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