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ISL201 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Isl201 4:30

All MCQs easy thy 28 thy

Subjective me 4 question thy 4 verse ai the jiske translation krne the…..

1. Sorah Luqmaan wali ayt 13 chapter

2. Chapter 10 se ai the verse 3rd number py jo book me ha

3. Chapter 16 me 5th verse ai the

4. Verse out of syllabus the

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4 question thy

What was Qaroon point of view about his wealth

Write two verse translation of knowledge

Why hazrt khald As built house fr orphan

Explian verse 

And render the kinderd of his right

 Mcqs kch previous s thy or zyda brotherhood or rights chptr

*Today ISL201 Paper*

 *28 MCQ's* 

R 4 question 3 marks k


 1): Rights of Mother greater than Father...

2): Verses thi 1 us ki translation thi

3): Qaroon's Point of view  about his wealth

4): anger wala tha

Isl201 Mcqs 8-9-21

  1. Mother of mankind 

(Hazrat Hawa as) 

  1. Father of mankind

(hazrat Adam as) 

  1. Amount of Muslims at the time of Fateh mecca. 


  1. The person is best whose behavior is good with ------, I am the best with my ----- (Hades) 

(family, family) not confirm 

  1. Basic way of getting knowledge of Nabi pak Saww. 


  1. Third chapter of sahih bukhari.


  1.  First revelation came in the cave of? 


  1. Forgiveness increase?


  1. What quraan say about satin/devil?

(opened enemy) 

  1. Who served Sicilian court? 

(Al idrisi ) 

  1. Who was killed in uhad on the instruction of Hinda? 

(hazard hamza as) 

  1. Who is best to fulfill his promise? 

(Allah Jjh) 

  1. Father of social science is…. 

(ibn e khaldoon) 

  1. Meaning of salam. 

(Peace to be you) 

  1. Who led hazrat isa according to surah kahaf? 

(Hazart khizar as) 

  1. One have……  Rank,  who behaves good with his father’s friends. 


  1. Menkind made the wada of……  In Alam e Arwah. 


  1. Son of Abu jahal is….. 


  1. …. will never fulfill his promise. 


I have forgotten remaining mcqs.

: Subjective 

1. Translation 

2. Three requirements of forgiveness 

3. Qualified people’s role in society.

4. How much Allah gives knowledge to mankind as compare to him? 

Mcqs 2-3 was repeated from current quizzes. Rest of all were new but easy.

Isl today paper 

28 mcqs...

4 Questions:

1.  2 ayyat about parents respect.( translation)

1.   2 ayyat about importance of knowledge ( translation)

2 ayat ka tarjma ....


1 Hadith

1 Ayat 

2 Question 

( Qaroon ka barey ma. Aur dosara Abdullah bin obey ka barey ma.)

Baqi 28 Mcqs

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