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CS411 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Students must prepare these cs411 finalterm current papers 2022. Also, it can give cs411 final term preparation 2022 important topics, questions, and an overview of the paper with downloads pdf files below.


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Mcqs was from these topics

Data binding 

Objective C



Navigation URI


3 marks questions

What is the difference in static and dynamic resources?

Write html code for paragraph with id demo and use javascript to get node of the paragraph.

Write how to Navigate uri using navigate method.

How to create object in objective C.

5 marks questions

Following code was given you have to tell what is the purpose of this code.

msbuild /t:Projects.en-US.csproj

LocBaml /parse project.en-us.g.recourced  out:/resources.csv

What the following code will do

NSData *imagedata = [NSUrlConnection HttpRequestUri: uri httpResponse:nil error:\&download]


Some important Topic

●Write name built in 2d transform due to system.window.media namespace ... 5 marks ka ata hai

●Xml codes lazmi dekh laynaa

●Snipper codes dekh layna

●Boxing nd unboxing in c#

● Biggest feature of dependency property (3marks ka asakta hai)


●Logical tree

●Routing strategies 

●Stack panel

●Hamesha is type ka koi code diya ho ga jis ka app ko output likhna ho ga 

Consider the following code snippet and write the output:

XmlDocument xmlDoc = new XmlDocument();

xmlDoc.LoadXml("<uni name=\'Virtual\"> university Node</uni.");




Element Name: Virtual Inner Text: University Node

●default values dekh li jiyay ga 

□Max height

□ Max width 

□ Min height

□ Min width

●Grid splitters

●Row definition 

●Column Definition 


●Ek question hamesha aisa hota jo c# may code given hota usay XML may likhna hota hai

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CS411 Highlighted Handouts PDF


Dealloc message k baare me btana Tha... What is responsible for this message

Code Tha fix syntax error find krna tha reason express krna Tha aur error thk b krna tha 3 marks ka tha

Difference between. Concurrency and parallelism.

Under what condition manipulationdelta event occurs multitime...

Write name of binding code in WPF. 5 marks ka

Jquery k function code diye hue the unka btana Tha k Kia krte hain 5 marks


aik question jquiry ka tha properties of resource 

Snak panal 

Code likhna tha

Three method of binding object

cs411 paper 

some from past files. 

subjective total 6

2 were from past files. 

*block and syntax

*data template using xaml

*code was given to write output

*write ajax code for the given code

*manipulationdelta and properties

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Cs 411 

Retain cycle describe krna tha 

Wpf win 32 wala aik question tha 

JQuery  ka aik question tha 

Aik date temple tha 

Long mein block wala c objective mein c tha usy desricbe krna tha 

Or component  commnd  or application comment ki key di the 5 btana tha knsi component ki h or kndi application ki h coding walla aik question b mujy nh aya tha

Cs411 Today's Paper

Application command or components command likhni thi 

Code dia huwa usko modify kr k explain krnaa tha

Block kia h q use krty or syntax b likhna tha

Touchpoint ki properties thi 

Or 1 c# coding k tha

Or 1 html ma paragraph id lgani thi or usko as a demo input ly JavaScript lga k 

cs411 5:00 pm

1.who is responsible for searching delloc message? 

2.find syntax of code also expression of error

3.difference between concurrency and parallism

4.at what condition manipulation delta event occur

5.what do you know about jquery

6.write names of databinding mode?

Cs411 time

Static and dynamic resourse

Javascript k bary ma ak ques tha

Listbox ki coding likhni thi


12 mcqs from excel sheet 


1.  name of in icomma d?

2.  in java c ,what does action perform?

3.  code tha jis ki output error thi?

create a textbox (5)

write a jquery for up and down after delay 1sec (5)

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