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CS502 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Students must prepare these cs502 finalterm current papers 2022. Also, it can give cs502 final term preparation 2022 important topics, questions, and an overview of the paper with downloads pdf files below.


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Mcqs from past paper moaaz or waqqar siddu 

1-Criterion of edge selection in greedy algorithm for finding a MST?

2-find probability and frequency?.  3)what's running time of bellman ford? 4) diff b/w any two point Dijkstra alog and bellman ford ?5) ek graph tah oska edges find out Karna tah 5 marks ?


1_formula for compute cost of any encoding tree T

2_recursive formulation, nxn matrix of edge in Floyd w....

3_find isolated vertex and write names from given adjacency list... 

4_ describe 5 reasons to prove that greedy algorithm is optimal.... 5 marks 

5_find minimum spanning tree and total cost from given tree....... 5 marks

Cs502 Today Paper 

Mcqs from Past papers Moazz and waqar 

Subjective also from past 

All algorithm must prepare like...Huffman, Prim's etc...these will be helpful in mcqs and subjective...

Overall paper was very easy...

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Paper: CS502. 


Mostly From Greedy Algorithm and Graph Chapter.


💠 *Short Questions*:

Marks: 03

 *>>Q.1*: Calculate the Frequency and Probability for the given Characters "smspmspsq".

 *>>Q.2*: What two points should we assume while correctness of Dijkstra's Algorithm?

 *>>Q.3*: Identify the Strong Component from the following Graph: (Graph is given on page:135 Fig: 8.32)

 *>>Q.4*: Create a minimum Spanning Tress from the following graph. (random graph was given)

💠 *Long Questions*:

Marks: 05

 *>>Q.1*: How Dijkstra's Algorithm works? Explain with the Diagram.

 *>>Q.2*: In how many ways the Graphs can Represented? Also explain how many time they require?

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Past sy mcqs ay thy

Cross and back edge tha

Greedy algorithm ka pucha tha

Frequency aur probability find krni the

Knapsack ka ak question tha

Aur prim's ka graph tha

cs502 paper 

mcqs all handouts se thy 

Clique cover question 3 mark ka 

Haffman encoding ki effecicy find kerni thi 3 mark

Generic traversal graph 3 mark

Shortest path veriation 3 mark

Long ma all pair shortest path that question or ak adjacency matrix ka graph tha 


Alhamdulillah’s, mcqs about 50% from past kch mcqs

But luckily subjective was relatively easy

Prims algorithm k 2 questions thy, 

dijkstra or bellman ford m difference

warshall se aik question tha... Asymptotic notation se question tha... Edit distance matrix.

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