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CS605 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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CS 605 Paper:

Mcqs totally from past papers prepare moaaz and waqar 

Subjective: (Short) 

1) types of failure cost

2) application software 2 parameters assessing

3 & 4) Two statements are given just states the 1 given strategy


1) why prototyping is used in business process

2) Task's Of SCM

Cs605 today paper

Some Mcq's from past papers remain from handouts

Calculate SPI values r given.

CMM level name

 requirement status

Software safety 

Software reliability

Change control question ay thy.

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CS605 Short Notes for Final


Identify the "Staged" and "Continuous" CMM from the following


Structure (Staredor Continuous)

Software CMM

System Engineering CMM

Software Acquisition CMM

System Security Engineering CMN


Write the name of those tasks which are included in Software Configuration


The processes at CMM Level-1 are typically) undocumented and in a state of dynamic,

Change. How they are dealt with?

Write the name of the device which prevents potential quality problem before it occurs or

rapidly detects quality problems if they are introduced?

Which type of failure cost involves cost for complaint resolution, product retum and replacement, help-line support, warranty work, and law suits?

Normally what type of information is included in Configuration Status Reporting (CSR)?



1: types of scheduling? 

2: When legacy system is appropriate for scarp the system completely? 

3: Program restructuring? 


1Calculate availability 

Value was given

2: CMMI model types? And one statement was given to discuss

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mostly mcqs past se thy 

5 number questions 

1. When ccb decide to change to heppen or Deny it.which change ECO defines 

2.major difference between software reliability and software s

questions 3 number 

1.What is Software refactoring? 

2.What is lagacy system?

3.define task network 

4.mtbf calculated by 

Ans. mtbf = mtbf+mttr


 MCQs are from past paper

Short Question

1. Name six requirements attribute

2. Name two type of Representation

3. Purpose of SCM in CMM

BCWP and BCWS value  given thi solve krna tha

Long Question

1.Large method cause ned smell in code explain

2.Software engineer perform technical work should be involved in SQA activities 

MCQs ky lya mozz or wqar ki file 

Cs605 paper today 

all mcqs are from past papers

Subjective questions are also from moaaz and waqar past papers

... Legacy system

Bad smell

Software restructuring


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