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MTH621 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Intermediate value theorem.

Generalized mean value theorem.

One sided derivative find krna tha ak function ka.

Prove that every bounded function is integrable.

Prove that f(x)=1+x is integrable.

Mcqs quiz files ma sa thy sary.

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Mcq sary maga file waly subjective 90% file sa he aya tha

Meanvalue theorm state   2number

Meanvalue theorm prove 5 number

Find f/g  3 number

Example dani the sinx/x ke  2 number

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Short 2 marks

- define Lipschitz continuity

- check continuity at x=0 f(x)=x+1,x>0


Short 3 marks 

- statement of change of variable theorem

- write an example of f and g is discontinuous at x=xo but f+g is continuous at x=xo.

Long 5 marks 

- prove if f is monotonic at [a,b] then f is intergrable on [a,b]

- find continuity of fog



MCQs from quiz 2 and 3 ur past sy and definition of mean value theorem ,piece wiss theorem and 3 theorem tha

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