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SOC301 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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1) Not a method of social work An organized effort to change social & economic values & institutions is 

distinguished from social work or social services

a) social action √

2) Social worker sometimes has to negotiate higher authorities or the organization that can bring relief to the 

sufferings of the community

a) bargaining√

3) Gives people the opportunity to break free from negative views, understand their 

individual problems in a wider.................context and to do something about it by 

organizing to overcome them

a) political √

4) To do............ with family so as to stabilize the gains made during treatment. 

This may involve Case Work, one to one counselling method, Group Work 

and Community Organization’

a) follow up

5) To coordinate and help the patients, family and other team members Maintain..........with the hospital team

a) liaison 

6) Provide crisis intervention for such problems as teen suicides, drug/alcohol-related 

issues and school violence

a) school social work √

7) • A more modern view of personality that retains some aspects of Freudian theory 

but rejects other aspects

a) psychodynamic theory √

8 ) trafficking article

a) 6 √

9)human behavior is the need to overcome the feeling of 


a) Adler theory √ 

10 )  The interface between a system and its subsystems or a system and its 


a) Boundaries √

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11) It shall be the responsibility of the employer to ensure the implementation of this Act, 

including but not limited to incorporate the Code of Conduct for protection against 


a) employer√√


Sigmund friend parts of brain (3)

Minor penalty of accused (3)

Elements of Cooperation (3)


5 characteristics of social work (5)

Def of "vengrant" according to 1958 ordinance (5)

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Soc 301

Short qs

Registration authority

Article 2

Medical social work 

Client social work

School social work

Long question

Article 9

Family welfare 

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