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STA301 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Sta301 today ppr 

Mcq's mostly past wale thy 

question of 3 mark and 5 marks are also easy. 5 marks question were from 'confidence interval' topic and 

3 marks question were from the f-distribution and t-test and z-test.

2 questions from Poison distribution, 

2questions testing hypothesis,

1 from hypergeometric distribution,

1 from probability density function

*STA301 Final Term Current Paper*

Today paper

Mcqs kuch past paper sy


Whar is BCR?(2)

What is geomatrical hyperiogen?

AunionB &Aintersactionc find krna tha?(3)

P and n given tha mean and standerd division find krna tha bionomial distribution?(3)

Ploly card

How many black card, diamond card, heart card,

Face card,queeen card?(5)

Continous random waly topic sh question tha integeration krnh thi?(5)

t-distribution ?(5)

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1)make all possible samples form the data without replacement 2,3,4,5,6,8

2)find the value A for a density function

f(x) =Ay(1-x)

Integral Limits were give  For 0<x<1 &  0<y<1

3)find the degree of freedom for treatment, total & errir

4)find the confidence interval using the Z statistic for the difference of sample means

5)find the f(2)

When f(1|2)=4/5


6) construct a null and alternative hypothesis


Mostly mcqs moaaz  past papers m s the

Time ki shortage thee 

Covariance, distributions k gird ghoom raha tha paper…

Baqi mcqs 30 the or 2 and 3 marks k subjective qs the.

Objective mostly past papers sy tha…especially waqar siddhu ki 244 pages wali file m sy…or Quiz 2 or Quiz 3 bhi lazmi prepare kren…or subjective bhi easy he tha…

Mcqs k liye waqar ki file achy sy kar len

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Q1 formulation of null and alternative hypothesis

Q2 relationship between level of significance and critical region

Q3 g(x) and h(y)

Q4 point estimation

Q5 z value find krni thi

Stat301 Today at 3:00 pm

 Quizes mostly past thay

1 question poison distribution me sa tha

1 question hypergeomatric distribution tha

Aik question sampling proportion ka tha jis ma 2 population di gai thy

Aik question Expected value find karnay ka tha


mcqs sary old paper sy thy or subjective me zyada questions conceptual thy

Ak ye question tha 

Why the statistics is called science of decision making.explain

Sta301 3:00

Can we control error 1 and error 2 ..

2 qstions from integration 

1 long from testing hypothesis. Ak short calculation wla ta fx(0, 1) THEN FX(0/1)?

Sta 301

1. Limiting significane (alpha)

2.E(x) and E(y) find E(xy)?

3.variance find

4. Coefficient deviation?

5. Null and alternative hypothesis mean and variance?

6. T.test phase or some sample distribution plan?

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