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BIO203 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Bio203 paper

MCQs all to all from Ppts (30)


When does RFLP occure. (2 )

Principle of PCR in clinical Microbiology.(2)

Benefits is secondary antibodies in Western blot(2)

Chrectistics of SNPs(3)

Methods of joining DNA fragments.(3)

DNA Ligase activity(3)

DNA fingerprinting in diagnosing and developing cure inherit disorders(5)

Comprehensive note on different types of( R-M ) restriction-modification system (5) 

Methods to transfer DNA on membrane and procedure for upward transfer of DNA (5)


Name solid support and hybridizing components to immobilize dna in southern blotting

Applications of pcr in clinical microbiology

How haplotype correlate with phenotype 5 marks

Write a note on restriction modification systems. 5 marks

Which features of radioactive probe makes it use for southern blotting

Write different techniques to detect unknown polymorphism.

Difference between Type II and Type IIs?

Names of types of RM system.

Names of blotting techniques.?

Southern Blotting is used for?


Screening techniques of SNPs?


Discuss the Types of Restriction Modification system. 5

Transfer methods Names Transfer method of DNA in southern Blotting.5

Which detection method is used for all blotting techniques? Discuss. 5

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MCQs from ppts

(1)  Restrictions enzyme type II and type IIs (2)marks

 (2)  Principles family of (VNTRs) (2)marks

 (3) Write the Full name

 of RFLP ,AFLP,  RAPD (3)  Marks

(4) Nomenclature explain 3 marks 

(4) Four restrictions and  modification system 5 marks 

(5) Haplotype corelate phenotype

How many technique detect polymorphism 5 marks

Today paper bio203

All mcqs, long questions, short questions from PPTs..

R-M system (5marks)

DNA precipitation and steps of purification (5marks)

Enzymes involved in DNA modification (2marks)

Colony PCR (2marks)

SNP maps (3marks)

 Mechanism of Ligase activity (3marks)

What is SNP?

What is southern blotting used for?

What is the principle of southern blotting and how DNA is cleaved?

Give any two applications of western blotting.

Properties of proves used in southern lotting?


MCQs mostly from quiz file however few were new 

1.  Explain mini and microsatellite

2.  Use of PCR in clinical microbiology

3. Enlist transfer methods of DNA also explain upward transfer

4. Difference between blotting techniques

5.  Use of secondary antibodies in Western blotting

6. Explain Radioactive and nonradioactive probe

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Objectives from the sourthen, western and northern blotting

Note on R-M types?



Enzymes which are used in PCR?

Long questions

1-R-M system,enlist 2-methods for the detection of known and unknown polymorphism,

Secondary antibody in western blotting

Mcqs easy thay jo ke ziada blotting walay topic se thay,

Bio203 paper 

All mcqs are from files majority mcqs are from northern southern lectures .

1.transfer method of DNA

2.enlist enzymes in modification.

3.transfer method and explain upward method.

4.finger printing k steps thy long question Mai.

5. Nomenclature Wala tha aik


Name the synonyms of dna fingerprint   2

Principal families of VNTRs 2

Dna profilling 3

Principle of electrophoresis 3

Explain RAPD 5

Give diagnosis and developing cure for inherited disorders 5

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