BT101 Current Final Term Paper 2022 - VU Answer

BT101 Current Final Term Papers 2022

Students must prepare these bt101 final term preparation 2022 important topics, questions, and an overview of the bt101 current paper with pdf files below.


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Mcqs past paper sy ay or kuch new thy. 


Evolution or Atmospheric layers sy tha mostly.

Trophic layer. 2

Troposphere 5

Evolution k related 2 questions thy. 

Statement di hoi thi or WHY?  Pucha hoa tha. 3+5

Or ak reproductive isolation tha question. 3

bt101 final paper  

mcqs mostly ppts sa tha 

1 absorb nutrients directly through chemical and biological process without ingestion.

2 oriented towards of factor is called .............           

Short questions. 

Plasmodium and it's life cycle. 

2 the effects of exponential decline of chemical bond energy in trophic chain? (2)

3 types of symbiosis (2) 

4 different types of cells present in porifera (3) 

5 types of parasites (5) 

6 metamorphosis and it's types 5 marks

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BT101 Exam  

1. Explain factors that affects population size and growth? ⁰² marks

2. Define balanced polymorphism with examples? ⁰³ marks

3. Explain Phyletic gradualism? ⁰² marks

4. Explain factors that affect reproduction

 rate? ⁰³ marks

5. Explain in detail the process of decomposition?

6.Give evidence of theory of natural selection by Darwin?


*Long Question*

Write a complete note on the Phylum Ciliphora 

 Write a note on Aposematism 

*Short question*

 What are adaptations to hydrate animals?

 What is gene pool?

 Flagella and Its Types?


Q.surviver curve

Q.when adaptations occur

Q.function of amnion in amniotic egg

Q.factors that affect Logistic growth

Q.explain fitness with examples

Q.nematoda characteristics

Q.process of decomposition

Q.effects of global warming

Q.structure and function of golgi apparatus

Composition of atmosphere

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bt101at ppr 

Reproduction in cilliphora,

Evolution ND paleontology

Genetic drift

Realized niche

Factors affecting reproductive rate2

Acid raid 5

Effects of acid rain 10

Feeding level5

Oscillations and frequency evolution diffirence

Conventional aviation

Types of psedopodia

Ciliophora reproduction


1. what  darwin wants to xplore on his HMSbeagle for 5 years 2 mrks.

2.mutualism 3 mrks.

3.composition of mitochondrial membrNe 3 mrks.

4. Decomposition 5 mrks.

5.platyhelminthis phylum 5 mrks.

6.classification of invertebrata 2 mrks.

BT101 mine paper 

1- global warming 

2- how carbon dioxide produce from gasoline 

3- phylum molasca 

4- phylum cilliphora


Write note on rate of evolution?

Effact of global warming? Discuss in detail? 5 marks

What is two heat producing machanism in mammals?

Characteristic of phylum nemotoda

Height of stratosphere at equator and poles??


Amount of carbon in ton in the atmosphere 2

platyhelminthes characteristics 2

chordata properties 3

carbon cycle 5

Interaction of Fore evolution,,may gene flow change or not? 5

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