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ENG001 GDB Solution Fall 2021

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“Online learning can be a lifeline to those who have obstacle, such as geographical distance or physical disabilities.”

Gives your own comments on this statement.

GDB Idea Solution:

Distance learning has been described by the author Paul Levinson. It is quite often the majority of us tend to forget how fortunate we are to get our needs and requirements fulfilled easily.

So, in this competitive world where everyone is struggling to secure their own places, we do not realize that there might also be such people who are not that privileged. 

Most of the places where they stay conditions does not allow them to fulfill their basic need or because of the physical disability as highlighted by the author.

As a student part of any particular country cannot involve in the education process like others but due to online education it's not an obstacle anymore, they can get equal opportunities to get access to education which surely is in their rights. 

This specially designed course allows students that they require in learning making sure that their time for another opportunity as well and its will be more productive citizens in our society.

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