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ENG101 GDB Solution Fall 2021

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Topic 1:

Albert Einstein Quote,

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.”

How do you view this quote in the light of your own experience? Comment.

GDB Idea Solution:

In our experience, a person they do not really need a school or college education. The value of a school or college education is to train the mind to think about something that cannot be learned from textbooks, it is to create the capacity of integrated understanding and ability to use the knowledge intelligently.

These are a fundamental aspects of the education that we continue to aspire for even today.

Good well-rounded education should help to bring lasting positive changes in human life and behavior so that we can continue to society in a meaningful and positive way to create unity and justice for everyone. 

A well-trained educated person gives the people skills and they help to out of poverty.

Topic 2: 

Either today’s education is for the sake of human upbringing or for financial security. 

Justify your answer with logical arguments.

GDB Idea Solution:

In my argument, Today’s education is for the sake of human upbringing and for financial security. The financial factors that might help us to decide our future goals and career paths lead towards financial success in the future but are surely not the most necessary component for creativity, innovation, and constructive for financial success.

Financial security means bringing economically stable and having enough money saved to cover emergencies and future financial goals. 

It allows for emergency expenses not to break the bank rather have little effect on the bigger picture. 

Being financially stable also allows us to have a more positive personal life by giving us Pease of mind by not having to worry about our income being to cover all our expenses, unexpected ones included.

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