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CS609 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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CS609 Paper


Each addressable unit has a unique combination of sec#, head# and track# as its address.

Highest physical capacity of the disk according to the IDE interface is approximately:

Partition Table can be read using the extended

the first block on disk

On a single disk there can be different Operating System

first physical block within extended partition

boot block constitutes of BPB


1. Com file typically have a single three bytes near jump instruction as the 1st instruction write down its purpose?

2. Absread() and abswrite() function used for?

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3. Purpose of partition signature table?

4. Fat based system, how the content of a file can be accessed

5. Two reasons of covert a cluster number into sector number

6. How scan disk identified bad sector by using surface scan

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Q1) suppose we read the contents of Drive parameter block and get the following information.

Number of reserved blocks=2 

Number of blocks in FAT= 7 

Number of blocks in root directory=32 

Find the number of systems blocks. make the appropriate assumptions when needed.

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